Between work, school, friends, family, and romantic relationships, life can get pretty hectic. It’s always helpful to be able to relax with at least one entity in your life without being judged, criticized, belittled, or ignored. Dogs can be a great way to have a relationship with another vibrant, active, living being that will actually help you de-stress your day-to-day life. Here are just a couple of ways that dogs do this.

Unconditional Love

Dogs don’t really understand concepts like grudge-holding, hatred, or prejudice. This means that they don’t have what’s needed to put conditions on the love that they are giving you every day. They still love you whether you lost your job, embarrassed yourself, aced your final exam, or just won the lottery. Their love never changes.

Pic of an adorable little black and brown Daschund puppy

Yes, you can get a dog a little more excited with a hug, treat, or scratch behind the ears, but their desire to be in your presence is constant. While this level of adoration, devotion, and loyalty isn’t impossible to find in human beings, it can be quite difficult. But with a dog, unconditional love comes standard!

Dogs Speak Dog

Dogs cannot understand human verbal language to the extent that you could accidentally offend a dog, nor can they be critical of what you said to someone else, or care either way. This makes our furry friends fantastic sounding boards for our dreams, questions, ideas, and struggles. If you think it’s strange to sit in the park and talk to your dog, try sitting in the park and talking to yourself. That probably won’t work out as well for you!

Certain words they’ve heard before such as ‘sit,’ ‘treat,’ or ‘walk’ may heighten their attention for a few minutes. But as long as you are gabbing away, your dog is likely to sit and “listen” patiently until you’ve unburdened your heart or worked through whatever dilemma is troubling you that day.

The next time that you spend some quality time with your pup, give them a little extra love to show your appreciation for how they help make your life happier, healthier, and calmer every single day!