Your golden retriever Rusty is quite the dog-about-town. He enjoys several daily walks, giving him regular visits with his canine buddies living along the neighborhood route. While Rusty ambles along, he frequently veers off the sidewalk to roll in the leaves and burrow into the brush. When he gets home, his coat is mingled with plenty of debris and dirt.

Luckily for Rusty, you give him a thorough daily brushing even if he tries to avoid it. Grabbing his collar as he tries to make himself invisible, you haul him into the mudroom and tackle his unruly coat with a good grooming brush. Afterward, Rusty’s reddish coat looks respectable again­. He also gets three extra benefits from these vigorous brush-outs.

Cleaner and Healthier Coat

Underneath the dirt and yard debris, Rusty’s coat is likely mixed with itch-producing stray hair and dead skin cells. Add a few fleas that hop on for a ride before his preventive medication dispatches them. A good daily brushing will reduce the itching and scratching, and will help Rusty feel more comfortable while spreading beneficial skin oils along his hair shafts.

Increased Grooming Comfort

Within Rusty’s dirty, disheveled coat, a hidden fur and debris clump might have turned into a dense mat that pulls on his delicate skin. This tangled mess will be hard to remove by brushing alone.

To make matters worse, it rained during his latest walk, so the mat has become a thick, furry blob. You don’t want to cause Rusty serious pain by trying to remove it, so you’ll ask his groomer to shave it out instead. Of course, you can probably avoid this extra work by thoroughly brushing Rusty’s coat daily.

Medical Issues Alert

By brushing Rusty often, you’re more likely to notice subtle physical changes that could signal a developing medical condition. For example, maybe you discover a nasty abrasion, rash, or unusual bump or lump. Your vet can promptly address each of these issues.

Benefits for the Family, Too

Rusty’s lush red coat is a veritable hair factory, covering your carpet and furniture with a furry film. Your allergy symptoms might also be aggravated by the fur and dander. Regular brushings will make your house easier to clean, and you might see some allergy symptom relief. Finally, Rusty’s groomer will be delighted to see a nicely brushed dog on her table, ready for a spa session they’ll both enjoy.