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Dear Diary, I was awoken again by my humans this morning. I heard their loud car doors slam shut, the keys in the door and I jumped up with excitement, and when I say excitement I mean a slight eye roll with a quick stretch and a light jog to the front door. Of course, my sister bumped into me on the way because she thinks she needs to be the first one greeted. I squinted my eyes at her, NOT today Mittens! I sped up my light jog into a fierce power walk and bumped her with my tail, I was now in the lead. We made quick eye contact and before I knew it, the race had started. We rounded the corner and headed towards the bathtub room, we were neck and neck when I heard the door creak open and saw my humans. I gazed lovingly at them and just knew one was coming straight for me, I had won! But alas, the story doesn't end in my victory. I looked up at my human with a confused look as she rushed by me to my sister. Mittens was laying on the floor playing dead. My human picked her up and Mittens started swishing her tail and giving kisses. I can't believe she played the "dead" card. I don’t know if I'm more upset that I won the race and got ignored or that I forgot all about the "dead" card. Mittens may have won today, but I will be better prepared for tomorrow!


Dear Diary, why must my humans be so loud in the morning? Every time I'm asleep and dreaming about chasing mice I am awoken by their loud cars and jangling keys in the door. I felt like today was the day I was going to give them a piece of my mind, to remind them that I live here and need my beauty sleep! So as I rolled over and got to my feet I angrily stomped down the stairs and bumped right into my sister. I was in such a fit I didn’t have time to apologize. Then Bethie had the nerve to hit me with her tail. But my anger was not going to be wasted on my sister today. So, I just gave her the "look". The "look" that says NOT today Bethie I am on a mission. I guess my displeasure made me speed up my pace so much that I became winded and needed a quick rest. I laid down and closed my eyes for a moment and as I opened one eye for a peak, I saw my human. The human that I love so much and all my anger just melted away. I swished my tail, gave her kisses and completely forgot what I was going to tell her. As I walked back to my bed I couldn't help but think something was wrong with my sister Bethie though. I thought about it for a second, had a bite to eat, then took a long nap.0693284001540308519.jpg


Originally posted on 03/19/2018 at 09:00 AM

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