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  • 5 Warning Signs of Cognitive Decline in Your Dog
    Like humans, dogs can develop dementia in their later years, too. About a quarter of dogs over the age of 10 years will show signs of cognitive decline.  In many Read more
  • 3 Reasons to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth
    Most dog owners know that brushing their dogs’ teeth is important, but it’s not an easy task. And because it’s not easy…many people tend to skip it. However, brushing your Read more
  • The Shop Cat Chronicles
    Bethie Dear Diary, I was awoken again by my humans this morning. I heard their loud car doors slam shut, the keys in the door and I jumped up with excitement, and when I say excitement I mean a slight eye roll with a quick stretch and a light jog to the front door. Of course, my sister bumped into me on the way because she thinks she needs to be the first one greeted. I squinted my eyes at her, NOT today Mittens! I sped up my light jog into a fierce power walk and bumped her with my tail, I was now in the lead. We made quick eye contact and before I knew it, the race had started. We rounded the corner and headed towards the bathtub room, we were neck and neck when I heard the door creak open and saw my humans. I gazed lovingly at them and... Read more
  • Choosing the Best Brush for your Dog
    Unless your dog is one of the hairless varieties, chances are he or she is going to need regular grooming to maintain a clean and smooth coat. Even if you Read more
  • How to Have Fun this Fall with Your Dog!
    Pet owners sometimes focus more on proper behavior and training for their dogs than having fun. Constantly reinforcing canines for good behavior and punishing them for the bad can cause you to forget how to play. Professional and experienced dog trainers know exactly how to incorporate games into training but for the average family, there are plenty of activities you can do to bond with your dog. As humans, our relationship with dogs can be reinforced through play and can help us to remember just why we chose to have this canine friend in our lives. If you have sufficiently socialized your dog to the point where you can take him in public, then do so. Not only will he be able to get a different view of the world than what he is accustomed... Read more
  • 3 Benefits of Brushing Your Dog
    Your golden retriever Rusty is quite the dog-about-town. He enjoys several daily walks, giving him regular visits with his canine buddies living along the neighborhood route. While Rusty ambles along, he frequently veers off the sidewalk to roll in the leaves and burrow into the brush. When he gets home, his coat is mingled with plenty of debris and dirt. Luckily for Rusty, you give him a thorough daily brushing even if he tries to avoid it. Grabbing his collar as he tries to make himself invisible, you haul him into the mudroom and tackle his unruly coat with a good grooming brush. Afterward, Rusty's reddish coat looks respectable again­. He also gets three extra benefits from these vigorous brush-outs. Cleaner and Healthier Coat Underneath the dirt and yard d... Read more
  • Choosing the Right Kibble
    Most of us don't think twice when feeding our pets. Kibble is supposed to be nutritionally complete so it seems like a no-brainer. Read the ingredients list, however, and you Read more
  • Benefits of Feeding a Raw Diet
    Dogs and cats have the digestive system of a carnivore, meaning that most (or all) of their diet should consist of meat. Unfortunately, a lot of kibble brands fall short. Read more
  • Keeping Your Dog Safe on July 4th
    Fireworks, grilling out--what's not to love about the Fourth of July? For dogs, plenty. While some pets are blissfully unfazed by the festivities, many dogs are terrified of the loud noises and flashes of light. While you may never convince your dog that the sky isn't falling, there are a few ways you can comfort and protect him this weekend. Build a fort. If your dog is afraid of loud noises, make sure he has an enclosed, den-like place to hole up in while fireworks are going off. This is also a good plan if your dog is stranger-adverse and you plan to have a large number of party guests over. A crate is an ideal safe space. In a pinch, try clearing out space in a closet or under a desk or bed. If you don't hollow one out beforehand, you... Read more
  • The Zen Habits of Dogs
    Dogs understand how to maintain well-being, they have many Zen habits. People, on the other hand, live stressful lives, rushing to-and-fro, and worrying about things that probably won't happen. Live Read more
  • CBD For Pets
    Cannabidiol (CBD) is improving the lives of pets and pet owners around the world. What if you could give your dog or cat a treat or add a small dropper Read more
  • Who is watching our pets?
    It's Vacation time and you're leaving for a couple of days or hopefully a long, relaxing week. But what do you do with your pets? Pet Boarding Traditionally, boarding has been the most popular solution for pet owners needing to leave their pets. Gone are the days of cold concrete and steel kennels. Now there are pet hotels with all sorts of amenities and add ons, but they all come with a price. These add-ons can really run up the fees. Some facilities charge extra for walks, one on one playtime and even cuddles and treats. The more personal attention you'd like given to your pet the more you're going to pay. An even newer boarding concept has private individuals watching dogs in their homes instead of at a boarding facility. Often those offering this o... Read more
  • Three Proven Ways Your Pet Can Save Your Life
    Are you laughing at the idea of your miniature schnauzer dragging you from a burning building or fending off an attacker? Your pint-sized pet doesn't have to have that sort of super-power. Research shows, however, that simply having a pet at home will help keep you healthy and make your recovery from serious medical conditions quicker and more sure. Read more
  • Spring Cleaning for Your Pet-What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know
    With the long cold winter finally behind us and the long hot days of summer still ahead, it is time to get a jump start on spring cleaning. You may have already started cleaning out your closets, clearing out the clutter that winter left behind and making room for all your summer clothes, but what are you doing about your four-legged family members? Your pets need spring cleaning too, and now is the perfect time to pamper your pooch and get your best friend ready for the hot weather to come. Like it or not, spring is also shedding season, and if you fail to act quickly, you could find your newly spring-cleaned home filled with pet hair, matted fur and other disgusting discoveries. Living with a dog may be great, but it also has its trying ... Read more
  • 2 Ways Dogs De-Stress Your Life
    Between work, school, friends, family, and romantic relationships, life can get pretty hectic. It's always helpful to be able to relax with at least one entity in your life without being judged, criticized, belittled, or ignored. Dogs can be a great way to have a relationship with another vibrant, active, living being that will actually help you de-stress your day-to-day life. Here are just a couple of ways that dogs do this. Unconditional Love Dogs don't really understand concepts like grudge-holding, hatred, or prejudice. This means that they don't have what's needed to put conditions on the love that they are giving you every day. They still love you whether you lost your job, embarrassed yourself, aced your final exam, or just won the lottery. Their lo... Read more
  • Best Veterinarians in Licking County
    "Can you recommend a good vet?" "We need to find a new veterinary clinic. Can you help us find one?" Recent questions from clients. "We sure can!" Recent answer from Bath & Biscuits. New clients who have just moved to the area are always asking us who is the best local veterinarian. Existing clients ask for second opinion referrals for veterinarians in our community. We've compiled the following list based on personal experiences with the veterinarian and his/her staff, our clients' recommendations and comments to us, and by Google searches yielding local veterinarians and their hospital or clinic reviews. Here's our "Best of" List for Licking County veterinarians. Alexandria Animal Hospital, Jim Southard DVM. This full service, animal hospital has a warm, compassionate staff. The building and rooms aren't flashy, but the exemplary care your pet receives here more than makes up for it. Dr. Southard is just a good, old fashioned veterinarian with very reasonable prices. 2367 Johnstown-Alexandria Rd Alexandria, Ohio 43001. 740-924-3911 Utica Animal Care Center, Erich Ramseyer DVM. For more than 47 years, Utica Animal Care Center has provided the best in skilled, compassionate veterinary care for companion animals in Utica, Ohio, and throughout Licking County. 145 South Main Street Utica, Ohio 43080. 740-892-2610 Cold Spring Animal Clinic, Mike Snyder DVM. Stellar service and kind, compassionate care. 2014 Mt Vernon Newark, Ohio 43055. 740-366-5449 Northtowne Animal Clinic, Chad Herrick DVM. Full service companion animal veterinary hospital. 195 Northtowne Ct, Newark, Ohio 43055. 740-366-1319 Refugee Canyon Veterinary Services, Jon S. Laing DVM. Opened in 1988, Refugee Canyon strives to maintain long-term relationships with patients and clients. Services livestock, equine and companion animals. 116 N. 9th St. Hebron, Ohio 43023. 740-929-1493 and 9077 National Rd SW, Pataskala, Ohio 43062. 740-964-2401 Read more

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