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  • How to Deal With the Loss of a Pet
    One of our dear clients just called with horrible news, they put Carly to sleep on Saturday. A beautiful, 130 pound merle Great Dane, Carly loved everyone and had a heart of gold. After her adoption several years ago, Carly lived an amazing life, enjoyed hanging out with her furry siblings and was very much loved by her owners. Her Mom is heartbroken. We're all heartbroken. Carly was very popular at the shop and most everyone knew her by name. Two months ago Carly's Mom found a large lump on her front leg. The Vet confirmed her very worst fear. Bone Cancer. Because of Carly's size, amputation was not an option. The difficult choice was made to let Carly live out her remaining days as pain-free as possible, surrounded by love and her favor... Read more
  • 21 Reasons Why Your Cat is Crazy
    You live with them, you love them, and you know they're insane. From climbing the curtains to bomb-dropping the dog, their antics make you laugh day in and day out. Read more

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