Dogs understand how to maintain well-being, they have many Zen habits. People, on the other hand, live stressful lives, rushing to-and-fro, and worrying about things that probably won’t happen. Live like a dog, adopting routines that bring about composure and joy, and you too, can be easy going.

Focus on pleasure

Dogs opt for fun and comfort above all else – it would be foolish to accept anything different given a choice. They soon notice opportunities to sprawl in the warmth of the sun or romp through long grass. When they spy tasty morsels, they gulp them down gleefully. They don’t fret about how many calories they consume.

Humans frequently focus on worries, becoming miserable and anxious. Chances to have fun pass them by while they go over problems. Dogs don’t entertain difficulties other than those they meet instantly; the rest of the time they concentrate on enjoyment. People though, find challenges to ponder; anything from their waistlines to their bank balances provides fodder for anxiety. Think more about pleasure than pain like a dog, and you’ll be happier.

Be sociable

Dogs merrily greet each other and play. They don’t care whether they are strangers or not; anyone can be a playmate. They do have preferences, but the point is they aren’t wallflowers. They don’t wait to be introduced to someone new or try to impress them. They greet potential pals, decide if they are compatible, and can be firm friends immediately.

People are often lonely; they are scared of meeting others and socializing in different places. They fret about how others see them and develop anxiety about making a good impression. Every day, they pass potential friends but have no idea they are missing out on their fabulous company. Stop worrying about what people think. Take a chance; ask the fellow dog-walker you smile at every day to meet you for a coffee. Join a club, keep in touch with old friends, and don’t be lonely. Your pooch wouldn’t dream of pining for companionship if he had the opportunity to socialize.

Appreciate the little things

Have you ever met a dog who longs for a smarter coat or diamond studded lead? Probably not. Dogs relish the little things in life that people sometimes take for granted. Watch them going about their day and you’ll see how they take pleasure in grass, sunshine, and the snow. They don’t get upset if it’s windy or raining; they are too busy bounding about, rolling, and sniffing.

Humans rarely live in the moment, enjoying simple pleasures. They don’t notice what’s going on around them fully because their minds are elsewhere. Aim to be alert, using your senses to revel in scents, tastes, sights, sounds, and sensations like dogs do. If you are fully present and focus on the little wonders all around you, you’ll encounter less stress.

Adopting the Zen habits of dogs can change your life for the better. Choose to focus on pleasure rather than pain, take the plunge and make new friends, and enjoy the little things in life and you’ll be as happy and relaxed as a dog.