It’s Vacation time and you’re leaving for a couple of days or hopefully a long, relaxing week. But what do you do with your pets?

Pet Boarding

Traditionally, boarding has been the most popular solution for pet owners needing to leave their pets. Gone are the days of cold concrete and steel kennels. Now there are pet hotels with all sorts of amenities and add ons, but they all come with a price. These add-ons can really run up the fees. Some facilities charge extra for walks, one on one playtime and even cuddles and treats. The more personal attention you’d like given to your pet the more you’re going to pay.

An even newer boarding concept has private individuals watching dogs in their homes instead of at a boarding facility. Often those offering this option have dogs of their own so it adds a canine social element while providing a more “homey” boarding environment.

Many pet owners prefer boarding at a veterinary facility so that their pet is taken care of if he or she becomes ill. However many veterinary facilities are cold and sterile with little to no playtime interaction.

Stress is the biggest problem with boarding of any sort. Pets are uncomfortable outside of their normal environment. Often this stress results in vomiting and diarrhea, often bloody, for the majority or entirety of the stay. Fear and timidity may reduce appetites and often pets will lose weight when boarded. And of course there is always the risk of injury due to self-trauma or altercations with other boarders during social time.

Pet Sitting

There are two types of pet sitters; Pet sitters that come to the house at specified times to feed and exercise the pet are the most common. The other type of pet sitters will not only care for the pets but can live at the pet owner’s house so pets have constant companions.

Pricing for pet sitters are along the same lines of basic boarding with many not charging for any amenities or add ons. Because the pets are in their own comfortable space many of these amenities are unnecessary for stress relief.

Pets can also show signs of stress when their owners are away but it tends to be less severe when they are in their own familiar surroundings. Pet sitters also protect your home while you’re away by collecting newspaper and mail therefore eliminating “away from home” signals to possible “bad guys.” Live-in sitters create near normal household activity that also discourages potential break ins. Live-in sitters can also take phone messages and care for indoor and outdoor plants without adding significantly to costs. Live-in sitters are more likely to recognize potential health problems sooner and can arrange for the pets to be seen by a veterinarian. Pets with live-in sitters tend to be less subjective to separation stress.

So, Which is Better – Boarding or Sitting?

To us the obvious choice is live-in pet sitting. It is as close to a normal environment for the pets as possible and is also great insurance against crime. It is our personal choice for our pets.

Home is better and safer.

~Tammi Krugel, Owner/Operator at TLC In Your Home Pet Sitting

Recommendations for Live-in Pet Sitting is TLC In Your Home Pet Sitting. Owner is Tammi Krugel (Aunt Tammi to all her cat and dog clients) can be reached at 740-739-3151. Tammi cares for all types of animals, big and small.
Several of our Bath & Biscuits staff are available for Pet Sitting as well. They will come to your home several times a day to feed, walk and play with your pets.
Our recommendations for Pet Boarding is Sunflower Farm Dog Boarding in Granville. Owner Amy Moreau can be contacted at 720-443-9936. Amy lives onsite and will even transport to Bath & Biscuits for a bath or groom prior to your return home.

Campbell Boarding Kennels is located just a short fifteen minute ride from Granville and offers great peace of mind to pet owners. 24/7 onsite care and plenty of outside play.