MicroBubble Hydrotherapy

What is MicroBubble Hydrotherapy?

Micro-bubble isn’t your normal bubble baths or Jacuzzi. The technology that creates the micro bubble produces bubbles so small, 1-50 microns to be exact, that it’s able to penetrate pores and hair follicles that’s usually 90 microns in size and remove dead skin cells, excess sebum and bacteria. Talk about deep cleansing.

An ion Anion.

First, the micro bubbles are effective in removing dirt from the pores not only because of its size, it’s also negatively charged which allows them to bond with impurities and float them out. That’s why at the end of the spa session, we’ll find a film of gunk floating at the surface of the tub. That’s the micro bubbles at work.

Secondly due to the formation of micro bubbles, enormous amounts of negative ions are also produced which also speed up the skin’s recovery process and promotes overall well-being. No wonder we’ve been sleeping better after we started providing micro bubble hydrotherapy. Imagine the number of anions we’re getting exposed to! How nice it is to be an unintended beneficiary!

But that’s not all

Another obvious benefit is that when you have a bubble so small it dissolves and delivers oxygen more effectively into the skin, making it healthier and helping it heal more quickly.

There are also claims that when the micro bubbles burst, they produces ultrasonic waves and high temperature that sterilizes harmful micro organisms. That’s quite an amazing tiny bubble!

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